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Linoleum Flooring

Natural, renewable flooring.

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What is linoleum flooring?

If you want a color in linoleum, we probably have it!
Look at all those colors! Linoleum flooring comes in dozens of colors.
Linoleum flooring is made from natural, renewable resources. Linoleum is made from linseed oil, pine rosin, wood flour, limestone, jute (backing material), and pigments for color. If you want an environmentally conscientious floor that is capable of lasting for decades (with proper care), real linoleum flooring is a great choice.

People often refer to vinyl floors as "linoleum", but technically, linoleum is a different product. Nevertheless, if you go anywhere and call a vinyl floor "linoleum", everyone will know what you mean.

Since linoleum flooring is environmentally conscientious, and vinyl floors are based (at least partly) on petrochemicals, why do vinyl floors exist at all? Vinyl Floors have these benefits:
  • Vinyl floors are cheaper than linoleum floors.
  • Vinyl floors are more flexible and easier to install than linoleum floors.
  • Vinyl floors come in patterns (including wood, stone, and ceramic tile looks) that just aren't possible with real linoleum.
Nevertheless, the benefits of linoleum floors are:
  • Environmentally conscientious.
  • Extremely durable. Decades with proper care.
  • In commercial settings, quality linoleum does not require constant polishing, stripping, and repolishing over the life of the floor
  • While initial costs are higher, the lifetime costs for real linoleum floors are lower
  • Greatly improved color selection compared to the linoleum available years ago.

Linoleum floors come in two main types.

Linoleum floors come on rolls

Sheet linoleum floors come on a roll like carpet. This provides a more homogenous look. Sheet linoleum has fewer seams, so liquid spills are less likely to soak through cracks into the sub-floor.

Linoleum Tile

The other type of linoleum floor is linoleum tile. Linoleum tiles are easy to repair if you have extra flooring left over. A damaged tile can be removed and replaced without the need to replace the entire floor.

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How Much Does Linoleum Flooring Cost?

Linoleum flooring costs about $9 per sq. ft. including installation (65 sq. ft. minimum). It varies depending on the exact product you select. Our selection and price ranges can change at any time. Additional floor preparation may be necessary and is not included in these prices. We can determine if this is necessary when we visit your home.

Some close-ups of a few colors available in linoleum floors.

Close up of linoleum flooring. Close up of linoleum flooring. Close up of linoleum floor.
Linoleum floor close up. Close up of linoleum flooring. Close up of linoleum flooring.
Close up of linoleum flooring. Durable linoleum floors. Close up of linoleum flooring.

We have many more colors available!

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