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Pelletier Rug Company, Inc. specializes in high quality flooring.

We are your location for
  • Carpet
  • Discount Carpet Remnants
  • Vinyl Flooring (linoleum)
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Oriental Rugs
  • Decorative Rugs
  • Braided Rugs
  • Carpet Binding
  • Rug Padding
  • And much more!

We install everything we sell. Family owned and operated since 1957. If you want a beautiful home, office, or store we can provide you with beauty that lasts. Tired of home-center carpeting that may last two years at best? Let us help you invest in a floor that will look 10 times better, last for years, and will cost you much, much, much less in the long run.

Our motto:  Beautiful floors are our business!